Today was Saturday!…?

What Happened?

I feel like I just woke up, and here it’s midnight. I did though manage to get my laundry done. Shockingly.

What did you do today?

Girl Scout cookies are everywhere, I’m sure you hunted some down.

Believe it or not, I did not buy one box this season. Why? because it is WAY to easy and sad the time it takes for me to pound an entire box of thin mints. As most of you know, I recently just had a baby, gotta lose that baby weight!

So you get hyped up. New Year, saved Pinterest pins of weight loss ideas. (Totally not speaking from experience) Healthy Recipes, exercise plans, Water intake charts. Everything. You are damned determined to make a change.

But Personally for me, that’s as far as it goes. I never get to the point of inputting those in my life. I am way to hard of a procrastinator. There is a list I always go to when I jump on the bandwagon of being healthier.

  1. Drink more water!

This is a hard one for me, I am certifiably addicted to caffeine. But I am in the process of quitting, lol

2. Losing the Soda

You know how many times I hear, ” you will lose so much weight not drinking soda” all my soda drinkers out there can back me when I say dropping soda is a lot harder than people let on. But it is a necessary change if you want to change. Kick the Soda!

3. Fast Food

Need I say more? Fast Food is LOADED with sodium and carbs and other nasty health guru mumbo jumbo that is BAD for your bod.

But who can turn down a Big Mac and Fries? Not. Me. Not. Yet. 😀

4. Fresh Fruits and Veggies with EVERY Meal. Any time you make food at home, throw some healthy choices in there. Broccoli, apple slices, etc. A little goes a long way and if you’re serious about a lifestyle change you’ll pat yourself on the back for choking it down! Especially the people who like asparagus and carrots and stuff…cannot stand lol

5. Eat a salad every day

This is my main goal right now. They are down right delicious! The Grilled and Ready chicken strips at Walmart are amazing and sooo good.

6. Get a good nights sleep

Who in today’s world, especially having children, gets 8 hours of uninterrupted sleep. You’d think whoever decided that was healthy for you understood we are parents, or work weird, potentially long hours and don’t have time to sleep that long, let alone good! In my opinion, you can only do the best you can. And sometimes you are up at 2 am, sitting next to the toilet while your little is potty training lol. Can’t be helped. If by some force of good luck, you do get 8 hours of sleep…I hate you and don’t talk to me. 😛


I am the LAST person to give health advice. If you know me, you know I drink a Monster for breakfast and occasionally eat out on my lunch break. But I am determined to do better. 🙂 All it takes it the choice to change yourself, it’s gotta come from inside!

In the Words of Rob Schneider, “You can do it!”



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