Late Night Chatter

Who else has caught that new show on Netflix, “Girl’s Incarcerated”?

It’s like the younger, more real version of OITNB (Orange is the new Black)

It’s something to watch I guess. (Since Netflix decided to take away Family Guy)

–Sorry if you didn’t know 😛

Anyways, This show is basically life in a juvenile facility of teenagers. I’m up right now watching it because this is the only “Alyssa time” I get. I’m sure you can relate.

It’s like eerie quiet in here. My oldest is at his dad’s, and my youngest has been asleep for a hot minute.

I should be sleeping. They say sleep when they sleep. Which is really good advice if you choose to take it. Unfortunately, I never do.

I’m actually half-tempted to go take a nice, hot, blistering shower. Because in this moment, I am not needed.  I could go shave my legs. I could go check the mail I’ve been neglecting. I could go change my oldest’s bed set out because he wet his bed last night. But here I sit, waiting for a big exhale to breathe out this crappy Monday.

Okay, it wasn’t crappy. It was fast but a mindless busy day.

Hopefully this week goes by fast!!!! 🙂

What are your plans this week?

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