Proving my Point

Title says it all lol.

I haven’t written anything down in DAYS.

You know how my days go, they are def not my own. lol But somehow I managed to get something down. And then I got crazy busy and FORGOT ABOUT YOU! lol


I did get really busy, and at the end of the night, I’d sit down with my laptop, and then I’d make my first mistake.

I’d exhale…

followed by a yawn…

….and then the weirdest thing happens. I’m in bed and it’s 6am, It’s Crazy. Haven’t figured out how to stay awake yet!

I feel like now every night I come home I feed the kids, myself maybe, and I’m out.

And I know Ian hates it.

hmm.. Haven’t talked about Ian yet…. I’ll save that for another day ❤

Anyways where was I?

oh yes, I’m a HORRIBLE procrastinator.

I promise that will change!!!




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