I become, when you became to me.

My favorite lyrics.

Does anyone know the song?

Let’s rewind about 16 years ago. I was 8.

Before you think anything, I was pretty advanced for an 8 year old.

Yes, I was playing in the mud and wrestling at recess, but when someone would ask me what I wanted to be when I grew up, It wasn’t an astronaut, or princess or cowgirl.

I wanted to be a Mom.

I never thought I’d have a big, huge, time consuming career, because I knew that I wanted kids.

I love being a Mom.

I’m sure you can relate. Every single choice you make centers around your children.

At least mine are. The choices I make getting out of bed everyday are to earn a living to support them and give them everything they need, and hopefully more.

I didn’t have a “more” childhood. Which I think puts life in perspective for me. I do not spoil my children. I do however get carried away at Christmas, but I simply canNOT help it! ❤

I hope moving forward you all realize your fullest potential and know just how amazing you are!

…by the way, it was Black Balloon by the Goo Goo Dolls, and I will have it tattooed on my body someday lol



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