Life in the Fast Lane

I remember the days when time went so slow and I never thought years would pass as fast as they did. It’s like the clock stopped ticking and you couldn’t wait to grow up.

I feel like in no time I graduated High School, moved out on my own, had babies…

My mother tells me everytime it comes up how I “shouldn’t have wished to grow up so fast”

..she was completely right, and I’m sure thinks that herself.

You think time won’t fly when you’re in the moment, but man! Looking back on all the days I didn’t want to get up for school, I didn’t want to write that paper, I didn’t want to pay that bill, I wanted to go shopping! The days of “Chicken Patty” Day, the getting up as early as I could to watch the bottom of the TV Screen for the potential snow day. (that took painstakingly forever)

All of that seems like a blip now. I’m a Mom, responsible for 2 little hearts other than my own…sometimes it throws me off how blessed I am.

You don’t think back then that life is happening so fast and to live it before it’s gone.

You would never believe that all the friendships that you cared about so much would be lost.

You would never believe it would take you until you were almost 26 years old to learn how to cook.

I guess what my point is in tonight’s blog reminds me of a quote, actually from Grey’s Anatomy that has always stayed with me….

But one day, you’re gonna wake up, and all the big stuff, all the milestones you’ve been looking forward to – graduation, wedding, having kids, your grandkids – it’s all behind you. It’s all over. All you got is a bunch of yesterdays, and very few tomorrows.

I haven’t made it through this quote yet, but I hope to take my time, and not take life for granted.

Till next time lovelies ❤



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