New Adventures

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Ever since I can remember I’ve always wanted to see the ocean.

It could be that I’ve never really been out of the state I live in…

…..or it could be that I feel like everyone should see it at least once in their lifetime.

Growing up we didn’t really ever get to travel. My mom was working all of the time, and we lived in a certain level of class that couldn’t be helped.

It made me humble, and also crave traveling even more.

I actually didn’t even leave the state without my family until 2009.

My boyfriend at the time invited me to his family get together in Michigan. I remember us stopping at this gas station, all around us–corn.

Corn. for. miles.

I used my last $20 to buy phone minutes to call my mom. To explain all the corn!

I spent the next 10 or so hours, sitting in between him and his aunt, being forced to watch scary movies. (I had to hold the laptop).

Overall, the experience was amazing and we were staying right on the beach of Lake Huron, pretty much to me felt the same as an ocean.

I’ve had my eye on traveling to North Carolina–for a certain reason.

Around this time every year, I dust off all the Nicholas Sparks movies and watch them. If you didn’t know, he grew up in North Carolina, so all if not most of his movies are based there. The movies portray it so beautifully.

The water. The atmosphere. The birds!!

Don’t forget the overwhelming amounts of birds. 😀

So I’m wanting to maybe do a little day dreaming and plan a sweet summer vacation for my children.

A cute little beach house on a lake, maybe a couple miles from the ocean. Drink in some of that sunlight.

Especially it has been SO COLD for months now here.

#so over winter.

I want my children to have memories of actually traveling and seeing sights that I never got too.

Being a mother, you want so much for your children. Be everything for them, and try to give them the world.

Well hopefully this summer, I give them a little piece of North Carolina! ❤



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