My son will be 4 in just a few short months. I almost can’t believe it. He has grown up into such an amazing little dude, I can see myself in him as he grows.

Right now we are working on potty training. Which when thinking about it you don’t think it would be hard. They feel they gotta go, they go…right?


He acts like he is literally dying when I even mention him hopping up on his little seat and trying to go. He hides, he runs and screams cries at me.

But I do what I always do, calmy set him down and sit with him for support. Sometimes he is so stubborn and will not go. I’m pretty sure he holds it in just to spite me!

Toddlers are intelligent little creatures 😛

..but guess who earned himself some “poop candy”?

After about 10 minutes I went to check on his brother, and I hear, “MOM, I POOP IN POTTY, I’M SO EXCITED!!”

So I get so excited too, which riles him up. We washed our hands and he got to pick a piece of candy. Today it was a ring pop. He was so proud of himself.

Now let’s see if that sticks!!! 😀

My advice to all you toddler parents is it really just takes patience and…

well, ALOT of patience.

You need to have rewards and incentives for going. Along with some really cool underwear that they love. (My son particularly loves his Batman undies!) Check some out below!! vvvvvv

Find a distraction for them while they are on the potty. My son has a kid tablet, that last week fell in the toilet…

…Mom saved the day of course 😛

Hopefully, today was a turning point and he won’t want to go potty anywhere else but in the potty.

#pull-ups-are-expensive! Except from Amazon I found a GREAT deal!!

Hope you all had a great day!!!



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