One on One

Sometimes you have to match your child’s immaturity. Explain an issue, break down a process. In my opinion it’s how one learns and grow their personality.

They could choose to ignore you or deliberately do the opposite of what you say..

..and it’s maddening.

So you try certain ways to teach them.

Maybe you use fear as a motivator, maybe you talk “kid” to them.

In my home, my oldest does get mad at things but we’ve learned to express how we feel and talk it out. Which sometimes works great!

..other times he wants what he wants and will scream and cry and pout.

Whenever he does something that is supposed to hurt my feelings…I express that to him and he either stays in that lane or apologizes. I get down on his level so he can see what his actions might to someone who isn’t his mother.

All 3 year old little boys come with a warning label. No.matter.what they display aggression and anger because unlike us adults who have learned how to control it..they don’t even know what that means…

So if it’s not hurting you,not hurting them..let them be mad for a minute. Because 9 times out of 10 they come in with a different subject and are perfectly fine! Other times you may have to time them out.

(Perfect if you have an Echo Dot, Alexa loves timing timeouts!) If you don’t have one, she does so much more than that!!!

We all most likely have the same goal.

Teach them how to be the best version of themselves. So they grow up to be honest, loving, caring, wonderful adults.

I mean, I’m sure our parents tried the same thing…right?



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