Need a Short-cut?

All moms I know, including myself, wish that there were more hours in the day. The ability to accomplish everything on your list of things to do and it seems so out of reach.

So you probably do what I do.

What you can, and leave laundry stacked up everywhere to put away..

You may have cleaned up the kitchen, but the dishes are still in the sink..

And that’s okay. Along with other ways other than parenthood that keeps you super busy, I’m going to tell you some shortcuts that help me save time!

Meal Prepping is a way to save time in your day. I like to Meal prep before I go to the store, for two reasons.

-You know EXACTLY what you’re buying, which makes shopping easier and saves you money just throwing things unplanned in the cart!

-This is a BIG one. Do NOT, I repeat…DO NOT go to the store hungry!!! I am SO guilty of this. Not only do you barely have time to feed yourself when you have small kiddos, but you also don’t really get to pick what times you are able to take a quick stop through the store. Sometimes it’s before you start dinner.

I also like to start my day after the getting the kiddos settled, by cleaning the kitchen. It is the center point of my home, and it’s where I spend most my day. Breakfast, snacks, lunch, snacks again, dinner..and cleaning up throughout. I feel like I spend the whole day in there! Everyone has there own way of cleaning up, but for some reason I start in the kitchen.

The best part of the whole day: Bed time!

…just kidding.

But seriously, you’re laying there, children are asleep, you close your eyes and BAM!

Everything you have to do the next day pops into your head. I’ve been there Mamas.

Sometimes it helps me to write down all my “to-dos” so they leave my head and I can get a good nights sleep!

I could go on and on and on the easy and quick ways to make your days easier and have time saving potential. You never remember to write it down when you think, “oh man, that saved me A LOT of time!” 😀

Pinterest is my BEST FRIEND when it comes to finding lists of ANYTHING. For real, ALL you Mamas and Papas need to check it out! I’m sure I’ll be posting more and more ways for making ALL our lives easier!!! I hope you all had a great Saturday!



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