Tips for Staying Energized!

We all have those days where we walk soooo sloowww and barely get any house work done.

Just wanna lay on the couch and sponge the television.

Busy lives, hyper kiddos and the LOADS of housework can diminish your energy completely!

I’m gonna jot down some pointers to give you mamas a good way to harness some more!! πŸ™‚

  1. First off Mamas, Gotta keep HYDRATED! It is so easy for us to be moving around so much to forget to drink something. Preferably water, although I am certifiably addicted to Dr. Pepper! Hydration is key to keeping those muscles and organs nice and healthy!
  2. Make sure you’re catching your z’s! I am the poster mom for not getting enough sleep. My oldest heads to bed and stays there sometimes at an upwards of 11 oclock! Although overall I was super lucky with my kiddos. Been sleeping through the night after 6 weeks old. But there are nights they like to keep me awake! They say adults should have an upwards of 10 hours a night of sleep! HA! Not saying that isn’t possible with a little vacation or maybe some nyquil, but even when I have the chance to sleep that much, I never can. Maybe it’s the mom in me, or maybe 6 to 7 hours is all my brain will allow me to have!
  3. Excerising is a MUST! Even if it’s just squats unloading the dishwasher! Who has time to go to a gym? I wish I did. Even if the kids are playing at daycare with their friends one day, I’m still up to my skull in laundry and dishes. Don’t get me wrong, by all means, if you have the membership and time…go lift some weights! Some people find it’s therapeutic.
  4. Self-Care is another way to stay energized. Taking some much needed time for yourself! Make plans with friends, get out of the house. Because even if it’s quiet at your home, your brain won’t be. Constantly thinking about everything that needs done will keep your brain doing anything but taking a break. Unplug, or go find some Free Wifi and take a minute for yourself, your mind will thank you. In my house, the chores aren’t going anywhere while I’m gone! πŸ˜€
  5. If you can help it, skip the coffee! Find healthier alternatives for energy that doesn’t include crashing later in the day. I personally do not drink coffee, I never was able to acquire the taste for it. Smells amazing though!!!

There are tons of ways to harness some energy. Hopefully some of these pointers help! Feel free to comment your own! How do you get through your day!?



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