A Little Background


I have been getting A LOT of feedback and people who want to know..

Why did I start a blog?

How did I pick my topic?

Do you plan to monetize your website?

I started my blog, geared towards my experiences as a mother.

Topics about life in general, or things circulating in the news, etc. There really is no organization! Is parenthood organized???

I wanted an ability to write down how I felt, favorite things and have an opportunity to connect to people like your awesome selves who understand and support what being a mother means..

…or father!

Being a parent in general has opened my eyes to a different color of the world.

No longer are you supporting yourself, you are keeping your little one(s) alive!

And that is a HUGE responsibility!!

It is the most tiring, the roughest, the most stressful, the most beautiful and blessful and…

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