Knowing these 3 Secrets will make your Parenting be Amazing!

There are tons and tons and TONS of information gathered all over the internet, from all over the world, from all kinds of mothers and fathers and parental figures with their own takes and techniques on how to be a sucessfully, happy, content parent.

Alot of what I found I use in my everyday life as a mother. Which is perfect because I am in alot of groups and I see alot of questions about wanting tips on maybe how to do things a different way. Maybe another approach to their household.

Well have no fear! My list of ways to make your parenting look AMAZING is here!

  1. Being involved in your child’s life.

-and by this I don’t mean that you’re absent. Some parents approach to giving their child space, could be why they could be acting out. It is hardwork and sometimes challenging. Which means rearranging and reprioritizing your life. Sacrificing your needs and wants, for your childs needs and wants. Which we all blindly do.

I’m sure if you’re reading this you are agreeing with me. Giving your child space is okay and even healthy as long as it’s not consistent. You want your child to be independent, but not so independent they don’t need or want you anymore! Luckily my kids are too young and always ask me for everything. And I absolutely LOVE IT! ❤

2. Treat your child with respect

The way you act, speak, teach and encourage is the foundation of the way your child will be when they’re older. Children treat others the way they are treated. I grew up with a “because I said so now do it” in my household. My son doesn’t like that response, which triggers a “but I asked why”. So I have to break down my reasoning. Once I did that he understood and followed direction. You have to think not as yourself but as a child. The mentality of a child is different than yours. You may know why the world goes round, but they look up to you to learn for themselves! 🙂

3.Be Consistent–With Everything

No matter whether you are teaching, reflecting, encouraging or disciplining you HAVE to be consistent. Mainly because the first couple times I tried teaching my littles certain went in one ear and out the other! So irritating! So I pushed a little harder each time it happened and now they follow direction ALMOST perfectly. Which is all we ever ask for really, right? Teaching young children is a very challenging task! But as long as you stick with it, they will too!!! 🙂



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