5 Dinner ideas that can be made in 20 Minutes!

I am that Mom that scrambles every day when life gets ahead of me, and I need something for dinner FAST!

You know how many pins I have saved of Meal Planning, Meal Prepping. Lists of “easy” meals, cheap meals..

…and they are so cool and so genius, so they get pinned. And here I sit, exhausted and have forgotton to pull something out of the freezer.

But what happens when the WHOLE family is hungry for a nice, delicious, hot meal?

…Well I have composed my TOP 5 favorite “go-to” meals I have or will use when I am in a hurry to feed the fam!

  1. Fetticini Alfredo– Because who doesn’t love PASTA! and if you want to go crazyyyyy.. put some chicken in it, or shrimp! Fetticini Alfredo without meat takes only about 6 ingredients and personally I like using LOTS of cream! Serving size is normally around 4, prep time takes about 10 min and total time until served is 20 minutes! Super fast, Super tasty, and Super filling!!!(Note: If you add meat to your recipe, expect a little longer cooking time) Now with anytime you are making meals, feel free to add your own “Spice” to it! Make it your own!!!
  2. Tacos- Living with small children, I’m sure you have learned what they like and what they don’t. Tacos is a BIG seller in my house. The only issue is the mess they make while trying to eat them! So I like to mix it all up in a bowl with some tortilla chips, works like a CHARM!

3. Roasted Chicken and Veggies

Chicken is a BIG staple in my house. I love chicken, I could eat it for days and my kids LOVE it. I have to remind myself to make other things, if I didn’t we’d eat chicken all the time!! So when I’m in a hurry I like to throw some chicken in the stove– you could add some onions for taste and some peppers for color! and make some broccoli and cheese. I got REALLY lucky with my kids already liking vegetables. I didn’t have to hide them in my food like my mom did. (Thanks Mom!) Prep time takes around 5 minutes and cook time is around 15. ( Just make sure you preheat to 500 degrees!) This is a delicious meal to make that is filling AND delicious!

4. Corn Dogs and Fries

Sometimes dinner can be SUPER easy! Yesterday was a very tiring day and I just popped some corn dogs and fries into the oven. The kids love it and it’s super easy for me to get some housework done and baths started! The goal is always to make nutritious meals and healthy options. But then there are days where you just need a little extra “easy”, and my kids loved it!!

5. Spaghetti-

This meal corresponds with bathnight, I hope you can see why. Or at least have an idea by what I mean by that!!! My oldest (he’s 3) makes a minimal mess. He also asks me to leave the noodles long so he can “slurp them”. My youngest (15 months) makes a COMPLETE mess, but has so much joy doing it I almost can’t be mad. They both love spaghetti and is certainly a less then 20 minute meal idea! I use Hunt’s Spaghetti sauce. It is super cheap (less than $1), and is so good for sauce in a can!! The box of noodles we favor is also only $1. So it’s a win-win in the grocery budgeting department.

By no means was this a list of “healthy meals”. I mean I try to incorporate as much health as I can which every parent should! For example, if they get a sippee of juice during the day, they get milk or water with dinner. It’s a sort of balance that kind of makes the easy meals okay. This list was simply an idea for you and maybe a week plan of what your dinners can be!

I also am the person who scans and scans recipes and searches for easy meals. There is a cookbook I like that has TONS of ideas for easy meals. I encourage you to check it out!!

Have a Fantastic Tuesday!!

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