Relating to the Grey

What do you do when the world feels a little heavier than normal?

When everything feels grey and nothing is really shining?….

Normally, I would say to just get some sleep….

but what if that just makes you MORE tired?

I hope it’s not just me feeling like a full moon is messing with my emotions. Because my “feng shui” feels off.

So if anyone else out there is feeling a little grey…or blue…or both..

I’m gonna pass along some things that make me feel better..

Play with your kids… I know the stigma of wanting to be alone when you feel this way…but seriously, the innocence of not having a care in the world and laughing and smiling…believe it or not, you’ll forget why your least for a minute!

Reach out to friends and family. There is always something good about someone elses view of the world. Kind of has the potential to change the narrative and have you look at things differently. Because sometimes your thoughts just swirl and swirl in your head, trying to rationalize things. Reaching out is NEVER a bad thing. Mainly because you have the choice to listen or not.

Buy yourself some flowers. When I happen to pass by the display, feeling the way I do sometimes, I pick me up a bouquet and set it up on my kitchen table. It makes me feel LOADS better on a sad day.

I also like to turn on my Pandora playlist and center my thoughts for a minute. I’m always listening to the Early 2000s Pop/Alternative music. It takes me back to when times were simpler.

No matter how to choose to see your world, your emotions are important. How you feel is important, not only for mental health but physical health as well. Always reach out to someone if you are feeling like there’s a huge wall blocking your way. ❤

My kiddos remind me that no matter what the sun comes up the next morning. What’s that quote….



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