My Top 3 Rainy-Day Activities!

It has been raining for DAYS here!

I for one, LOVE storms. I love the sound of rain, and the smell of wet asphalt.

…if that’s what I’m smelling. 😀

My kiddos however, do not like it. Not to mention the thunder and lightning along with it sometimes.

I’m sure you’ve tried to reason with your kids..

“Storms aren’t scary, it’s watering the flowers.”

“Don’t be afraid, God is having a bowling party up there”

“No matter what you hear outside, it will never be in your room”

…and without a doubt, my oldest sneaks his way into my bed everytime!

During the rainy days, my son just stares out the window begging to play outside. Now that winter is over, he wants to be outside all the time.

So since it has been raining for days, instead of plopping them in front of the television all day. I’ve put together some Inside Rainy Day activities for toddlers!

  1. Playing Go-Fish!

I just started teaching my 3 year old (almost 4 year old) how to play go-fish! At first he got really bored really fast. So the “Easter Bunny” brought him some Marvel Playing Cards.

(I don’t know about you but my child is OBSESSED with Marvel characters!)

I mean who isn’t? 😛

Anyways, we have been playing with these Marvel Cards and he actually enjoys playing! He is also learning quick how to hustle mom out of her cards! (He loves saying, “GO-FISH MOM”)

The time it takes him to learn something is so impressive, he amazes me everyday. Soon my youngest will be playing with us! ❤

2. Coloring for hours!!!

I like to buy those BIG Crayola coloring pages with characters from shows he recognizes. (Moana is a BIG one) I’ll post an example below! Right now we are learning how to color in the lines, and to also make sure we don’t leave the crayons down because little brother likes to eat them! It is also good repetition to ask for colors and he gets them for you! I am so proud he knows as much as he does already!

3. Bake some brownies!

My oldest son ALWAYS wants to help me in the kitchen and I absolutely LOVE it. Making dinner, making breakfast, putting away dishes, sweeping up the floor. He’s there for all of it. He also gets especially mad when my youngest throws his food on the floor! I like to pull out a box of brownie mix on a rainy day because I don’t know what it is about rain, but it makes you want brownies! Not to mention, sneaking a lick or two off the spoon when you’re done! 😀 I just bought a new oven and it has a see through door, so I turn the oven light on while the brownies bake and he’ll just sit there and watch it.

No matter how you decide to spend your rainy day in with the kiddos, you’ll always be making some sort of memories! What is your favorite go-to activity on a rainy day? Comment below I’d love to read some!!! 😀



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