3 Things to Do Every Day

By doing these basic tasks daily, not only will it help you feel super organized, it will also help get you into a habit of task completion.

I think that is my biggest issue. I set out every day with a set of tasks in mind to complete.

Whether that’s laundry, or grocery shopping, somehow life gets in the way and things go undone.

So no waffles, and boy my kiddos were not happy.

But along with not being able to grocery shop or do the laundry sometimes, there are some things you can do every day to be organized and tidy. 🙂

  1. Cleaning as you cook

I like to crank up the music and clean the counters and the sink out while I’m making dinner. I don’t know what it is, but it’s very therapeutic for me. I can’t cook in silence and I feel like you can’t make a nice dinner in a dirty kitchen. Maybe it’s just me!

2. Make the Bed

I can admit I don’t start my day making the bed. My mornings are way to busy for that sometimes. But I do go back throughout the day and make the bed because for me it brings some order to my bedroom and makes it super nice. Plus I have this thing about folding laundry on the bed while I watch How I met your Mother and I absolutely cannot do it if the blankets are all ruffled. The bed has to be made. I’m sure you guys have little quirks about how you do certain things. 🙂

3.Tidying up the rooms you waltz through.

This is the biggest one for me. I try to “zone” my house. I pick 2- AM rooms, and- 2 PM rooms to deep clean. But throughout the day as I’m chasing my littles around I clean as I go. I take a second to look around and put things away that doesn’t belong. Most of the time it’s toys, but sometimes there are dishes, blankets etc that I quickly put away so the room stays in order.

….for an exact 20 seconds, it’s getting better though! :).

My list of “things to do” seems to be neverending. But these 3 things I do every single day. I have like a million more I could give you guys..maybe in a later post! Hope this gets you started at least!!!



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