My Day in the Life with my Children


Every day starts the same.

…well sometimes.

My oldest son Noah is right at the precipice of being potty trained, but has been waking me up just about every morning wet from the waist down.

So I tell him to strip and go potty, and my first immediate thought is laundry.

Laundry..that is my first thought when I wake up.

Getting him cleaned up and redressed luckily is an easy task, considering he wants to dress himself these days.

My youngest starts his rooster call soon after my oldest, and I’ve been having to double pants him at night because he likes to strip naked and throw his diaper out of his crib.

So somedays I am cleaning pee off the floor, other days he goes right into the bathtub for a lavender shampoo rub down. I never know how it’s going to be.

Breakfast time is pretty organized. They…

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