4 Activities I like to do Outside with my Littles!

Two things come to mind as the temps increase.

Pool and Park

In my small town, somehow both of those are full every single day, all day.

I don’t mind taking the boys when it’s busy, but it also makes me nervous and I have to keep my third eye on them constantly.

So it got me thinking.

“How can we have fun outside, and not be run over by heavy traffic?”

So I started researching different fun things we can do outside, to stay cool AND entertained.

..and I have some compiled for you!

It always depends on how my kiddos wake up, how the day is going to be.

Whether it’s going to be a lazy day and disney movies, or we’re outside playing in the sun all day.

We live in a smaller sized town, so being outside is fun because there aren’t alot of people around during certain times of the day. There are about 5 parks that I can go to, and we also have a beautiful City Lake full of green trees and geese. We frequent the lake because all around is a paved walk path and it’s also a nice bout of excercise!

-The first thing that I love to do outside with the boys is playing with bubbles!

I think I like it more than my boys because the wand I have has an extended neck and it makes humongous bubbles. We also have a bubble machine. My oldest son likes to fill up his water gun and try to shoot them! 🙂

-Another thing we like to do outside is play at the park. On a beautiful day, not to hot, we like to find the perfect slide. I kid you not, those kids could slide for hours!! My youngest is starting to want to do things on his own. Such as, climbing up the steps and going down the slide by himself. (He’s almost 18 months old) Believe me when I say my anxiety sky rockets!!! When its not crazy busy with older kids, the park can be really fun for your toddlers. Heck, bring some bubbles too!!! 😀

Now, I am all for the idea of just laying in the pool for months and months through the summer. But my issue unfortunately is I am VERY pale. Even putting VERY is caps is an understatement. I burn so easily without even trying to tan. I also unfortunately passed that gene onto my children. I have one ginger boy and one blonde, both very white like me. So we can’t play directly in the sun for hours no matter how much sunscreen I pile on. So when its 110 degrees outside, normally I either like to wait until the sun goes down a little bit so we can play outside, or we’re in the car and we’re off to somewhere with air conditioning.

My children LOVE to go to walmart.

I know, it’s super weird to read because I feel we as parents like to stay far away from taking children into the store unless we absolutely have to.

But when I have no other reason to go, by all means we’re hanging in the toy aisle. They like to press all the buttons and touch everything.

Taking them out of the house gives them the fresh air they need and also keeps them out of the heat. It also keeps them entertained and happy.

This year was the first year I was able to buy kites. My littles are now old enough to enjoy it! I was so excited for Easter this year because they were in their baskets. Iron Man and Spiderman! On a nice, windy day, kites are perfect to play with the kids outside. Granted it isn’t super hot!

On a beautiful day, I like to pack up the kiddos and some lunch and have a picnic! Our latest trip was to the lake, where my oldest son Noah, asked me if he could feed his leftovers to the ducks. We brought his scooter and we rode around on it before packing up and heading to the state park to see the fishies at the visitor center. He got nose to nose with a catfish!

We like picnics because again, it let’s them play outside and they also enjoy the breeze…and the bugs!( That’s boys for you! :D)

My littles absolutely LOVE playing outside any chance they get. Even getting to check the mail makes them super happy. We like to draw with chalk on the porch but my youngest is still in the “eating it” phase.

I hope you guys have an awesome summer outside!

Thanks for Reading!

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