I wanted to let you all in on a little bit about myself. The best way I thought would be using my zodiac because it is normally spot on! lol

I use Pinterest a lot.

For Everything.

Do you ever look up your zodiac sign? I’m not talking like what your lucky numbers are or what’s written in the stars. (eye roll)

I’m talking about those pictures that someone created about your sign that just totally gets you. You read it and you’re like, “dang, that IS me, that IS something I would do or say”

Let me give you some examples of mine that I’ve come across.


Gemini think a lot.

They think ahead.

They think sideways.

They think behind.

If it exists in their life, they think of it all the time.

That is seriously, so me. I overthink EVERYTHING. It’s a talent really. If something is…

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